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In the world of art its easy to get caught up in the terms  like   abstract, photographic, realistic , symbolism etc etc but do these terms really count?  In my opinion what is important is the ability to be true to yourself and  paint what you love , paint your own style whatever  that is and don’t be afraid to experiment, experiment with colour, mediums, subjects , styles and forms.   You might want to ask yourself what is art and what purpose does it have in my life?

For me art is just a beautiful release , a release from  everyday living, an escape sometimes from reality , an escape into the  beauty of the world of colour and its many forms and meanings . How can you not love the beauty and colourful shades of the sea ranging from rich inky blues to the soft tourquoises and pastel blues contrasted with vivid whites  from  foam and froth of the waves. Can you feel the intensity of the waves when  they are thrashing around and throwing up frothy masses of whites, creams, greys and a myriad of other  colours. Be observant and try to capture that feeling. Don’t be afraid to  express yourself and lose yourself in that moment. That to me is what painting is all about   its fun its free and  a lot cheaper than going to therapy . So take the first step  believe in yourself , lose yourself by becoming an art lover,  and  a practitioner .Look up  paintings from the masters of the past and  immerse yourself in the creative world. I often hear people say that they cannot paint and that they do not have any ability well forget all  that negative talk and just draw, paint , doodle, throw colour around and just enjoy. You will be surprised with the result and a whole new world is there waiting for you to discover .Open your eyes to the beauty around you and you will see a myriad of subjects. Just GET STARTED.

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