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Wow I went to the Queensland Art Gallery last week to see the art from Georgia O’Keefe, Grace Cossington- Smith and Margaret Preston. Although these artist never meet there is a common thread running through their work dealing with the beauty of nature, and  the trials and challenges faced being a woman artist in the early twentieth century . Their work is  bold  and innovative, forming original designs,  a  diversion from the past and its constraints.   What  gutsy creative and independent spirits these women were and the work they produced was  so different, fresh, and  vibrant.

They have certainly inspired me and I especially love the landscape  abstracts from Georgia O’Keefe titled  Blue  Black and Grey which would  be suitably placed in  todays  decor even though they were painted in the  1950s and  1960s  .Her abstract paintings developed a personal style and  shapes  that  expressed her feelings and ideas and these  patterns,  forms, and shapes stayed with her throughout her life.

Margaret Preston one of Australia’s most loved and recognisable artists from the 20th Century. She  painted many highly individual still life paintings  and  became interested in virgin bush, native flowers, and landscapes  some of which were influenced by Aboriginal designs and colours.

Grace Cossington Smith was one of the first of the Australian women  artists to use post impressionist colour, light, and form  she followed  in the footsteps of Cezanne   and her loose brushwork conveyed the impression of colour floating in light.

I highly recommend that any  lover of art visit the work of these three pioneering women and read about their interesting lives  , have that cup  coffee and research their  gorgeous vibrant art from the past.

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