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I love these Henry Hensche landscapes the vibrancy, the colours and the loose abstract brushstrokes just tick all my boxes.He was an American artist born 1899 and died 1992 and his work has an impressionist basis in the style of Monet. His brushstrokes are bold ,  bright, and vibrant.

My suggestion to my blog followers is to look at this artists body of work and  learn about his colour theories as one never stops learning about colour and how to  paint to achieve the biggest impact. Colour has always been important in my art and I remember when I first started with watercolours and painting muddy colours and imagine my delight when  through lots of experimentation  I was able to paint using bright, clear colours , often using the transparent paints so that colours can be placed on top of each other to achieve that beautiful tonal layered look.

Go ahead start experimenting and enjoy the play.



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