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ITS ALWAYS DAUNTING TO FACE  AN EMPTY CANVAS AND QUESTIONS COME TO ME …. WHERE TO START?WHAT IS MY SUBJECT?  WHAT COLOURS WILL I USE?  WHAT PAINTS  ? etc etc. In this blog I am going to talk about how I begin work  on a piece of art. I wish to acknowledge the information from artist Johannes Vloothuis an artist of immense ability who talks about the stages of  making a painting. I tend to follow this and  will share the  stages  with you as its always good to have a planned approach in mind.

1.Sketch carefully and think about composition.

2.Paint background and think about colour.

3.Paint  main  subject  next think about that central focus how to draw the eye to it.

4. Use a big brush if using a big canvas and be prepared to experiment with paints, mixed media ,colour and use colour.

5.Think of the direction of the light note in  the  painting above it is coming from the left where the reds and oranges and yellows are.

6,Spot colours around the canvas to create a feeling of bringing the painting unity.

7.Enjoy the process and don’t overthink get into the creative zone  and put your passions on a canvas.

I would like to hear from art lovers and creative beings about their process of producing a piece of art and to share information on what works for them . Could you please like my blogs and  share on social media.

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