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There is nothing like wintertime  when we tend to  stay indoors with that warm cup of coffee of a glass of red wine by a log  fire. Sounds good ? Personally I love Winter but as we live in Queensland the Sunshine Coast we are only exposed to Winter temperatures for a few months sometimes even weeks per year.

While on the theme of winter its time to think about those extras like accessories that keep you warm and I have some  colourful  scarves  that I was inspired to create around that winter theme. Have a  look at the range of scarves in the Antarctic collection featuring animals and birds from the Antarctic in their natural environment. The popular ones from this collection  are the  pale blue Penguins and also the albatross silk scarves. The colours invoke that feeling of being in the Antarctic environment and  experiencing that beautiful pristine clean environment where the birds and animals roam freely and joyfully play or lie in the sun to enjoy  the suns rays and  warmth. Come and immerse yourself in that cool clean environment.

Why not purchase one today ?   You will  enjoy wearing the scarf with its soft fabric feel  which not only looks beautiful but also keeps you warm with that extra layer in the winter.

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