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Do you like Italy? What does an Italian holiday mean to you? .When I think of Italy I think of the history, the culture, the fashion, not to mention the food. There is nothing like an authentic Italian meal along with an added  glass or two of pinot Grigio .I think my most favourite place  to visit is Venice  – City of Masks, Floating City, Queen of the Adriatic. Every little twist and turn you are surrounded by the history  of Italy  its architecture from Byzantine to Ottoman  influences, and a style know as Venetian gothic has emerged  resulting from its   placement as   a strategic trading  nation situated  between east and west from 10th century .Silks, spices, and art have    passed through Venice over the centuries. and evidence of its wealth is visible in the buildings today. Walking around the streets I get glimpses of the richness and tapestry of life that has lived here from Marco Polo to the naughty  Casanova  and his many conquests. Writers, artists , and poets  have been attracted to Venice for centuries  and patrons of the arts have ensured that these treasures are there for us to enjoy today. As a result  of all these influences I was inspired to create this mini kaftan top which can be worn 4 ways as a trusty travel companion. A top, a wrap over a swimsuit, a scarf, and finally a headscarf. Show your love for everything Venetian and its beautiful city.




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