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Dr Jane Goodall a British Primatologist , Ethologist, and Anthropologist talks about making changes in ones life and to inspire actions that help ones environment.

She is coming to Australia in June and July 2017 and hoping to encourage people to hear her message of conservation and care for the environment.

She is well known for her work with Primates especially the Chimpazees from the Gombe Stream National Park in Tanzania. She studied Primates in this region for many years and was the first to recognise the  complex family relationships that were evident   in her  studied group ,with   some of them exhibiting violence towards others which  was an unexpected outcome. She even noted the use of tools by the Primates  using branches, rocks etc when foraging for food , indeed a first time such behaviour has been . We always thought that we were the only creatures to use tools. ?

So what can we do to make  changes  that will  help?.  Firstly  STOP   using and buying   products made from Palm Oil as it means that the primates  food supply is   in competition   man due to the use of it in cosmetics, soap etc  Just by  these actions and talking to others about it can have an impact on the health of our environment and making sure that we share with animals in a respectful way.

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