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Only recently I was walking along the streets in the small township of Maleny situated  in the Sunshine Coast of Queensland  Australia. Maleny is  a fascinating place to visit  with its  many contrasts , contrasts  of wealth, people, food, clothes, lifestyle etc.    In fact it is such a fascinating place that  I found  I was taking photo after photo of interesting things always thinking of that next great photo for my social media pages.

In fact I was so caught up in the  process  that time slipped by and rather than enjoy the beautiful day, the sunshine, the vibrancy , and  the smell of the freshly baked bread from the local Bakery I just kept snapping photo after photo. It was only when I return home that I realised that I had been caught up  with  the euphoria of collecting photos for  social media and not enjoying  my time in the present.

So what is the purpose of this blog I guess to  encourage others to  not lose  themselves  in a world of likes and follows and concerns about the light, the angles, the subject matter, but   just to enjoy the moment. Look around and see what  you can see like the purple berries on the forest floor in the rainforest   , smell the environment,  hear the sounds of the birds calling, children calling out and laughing , and touch that brightly coloured locally made  string shopping bag.   Take  time out of your day look around and savour the moment and  just  enjoy.  So the next time you travelling  think about the purpose of your trip, enjoy the now,  and don’t lose  your  precious time  to social media demands.

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