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I started on this journey  when I was in my late 60s as  with a love of painting  wanting to do something that will benefit mankind. OI decided to use my original art and use it on wearable clothing items like kaftans, scarves, sarongs, ans tops.  The journey  has been an incredible challenge to conquer web sites, social  media,photoshop techniques, trouble shooting, marketing etc. No one taught me how to approach these tools   but with a lot of passion and  an artistic eye and persistence  I hit the roads running. I have had my fair share of failures   but its  from these  that  I have learnt the most.

The moral of my story is never give up, believe in yourself and follow that passion.You are never too old to follow that dream. Share your story and dream big.


  1. L jackson May 29, 2019 at 2:10 pm #

    Congratulations my friend. Love the colours and silk you use to create your works of art. Also just to know how many have benefitted by your venture is heart warming. ?. L.

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